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Places of The Longest Journey

November 18, 2012 in Articles, Screenshots, The Longest Journey, Thirteen Chapters articles

Maybe with the exception of most Wii games and those like it, playing computer games isn’t really a physically challenging activity. You’re mainly just sitting on a chair or couch, pushing buttons and moving a mouse with your hand or some analog sticks with your thumbs.


But the interesting thing is: even while remaining at one spot, you’re exploring a lot of different (and hopefully interesting) places. The Longest Journey was one of those games that gave me that great feeling of exploration. It gave me both places of science, and those of magic to travel to and discover.

For the few of you who haven’t yet played The Longest Journey: spoilers ahead!


The first place we got to visit after the prologue is Venice, which is part of Newport. When April mentioned the consistent hot weather and how hot her room is without the proper air-conditioning – and when you actually see and hear that darn air-conditioner constantly shut down and start back up again – it definitely added to the feel of the place.

It’s another sunny day in Newport.


The huge amount of rust, combined with the sound of passing hovercrafts, makes Venice feel both old and modern. I love how the whole neighborhood still shows signs of it having been an industrial district.

Currently though, Venice is mostly inhabited by artists and art students from all backgrounds. Maybe you can imagine why they’re all coming there. The place is full of history and – partly because of its rust and decay – a seemingly endless supply of possibilities to try out new things.

But this is just one part of Newport. Moving away from the quiet and relaxing streets of Venice – more towards the center of the city – Newport is buzzing with people.


Metro Circle was the first thing April saw of Newport, and for a girl that came straight from the farm it must have been quite overwhelming. Lights, cars, buildings and commercials are everywhere. And there’s not a speck of green to be seen. This is certainly a change from not only the farmland, but also Venice. You can love it or hate it, but one thing’s for sure: there’s a lot to see and do.


Now lets go through the Divide and step into one of Arcadia‘s largest cities: Marcuria. Similar to Newport, Marcuria is home to a wide variety of people. But the light of the sun still shines bright here, and Marcuria does contain green and trees (even a huge stone one with a Venar inside!).


Here’s what our favorite Vestrum had to say about his city:

Vestrum Tobias
Many have called Marcuria the Jewel of the Northlands, and they are right, but it is a diamond in the rough. A city this size can never be flawless… There are always shadows, and people who hide in them. Lately the shadows have grown, and darkened, and I fear for the future. But Marcuria is still a wonderful place to live.

Maybe that’s one more thing Marcuria and Newport have in common; they both have dark shadows.

Beyond The Jewel

Marcuria wasn’t the only place in Arcadia we followed April to. We went up north through the forest of Riverwood, and further south over the Sea of Songs. We even took a sive in the Sea of Songs and arrived at an underwater city.


No more metro hopping for April. This was the real deal. Walking, running, jumping, and not to forget; seafaring! This, for me, was where the most interesting part of the journey took place. The places where not many people came. The places that were nearly forgotten.

More places to talk about

Not tired of reminiscing yet? Have a look at more places on TLJ’s screenshots page.

Which places in The Longest Journey were you most fond of? Did you love visiting the Sentinel Enclave, if only just to see the amazing view of the city before entering? Or did you rather hang out in The Fringe Café? Maybe you loved to go even further than that and visit the island of Alais, or maybe Newport’s Grendel Avenue?

You can leave a comment below and share your experiences!

4 responses to Places of The Longest Journey

  1. I think perhaps the island of Alais is my favorite place in TLJ. That really is a magical place.

  2. Being a librarian it’s utterly fitting that I loved the Sentinel Enclave with its books and it’s wonderful lighting and atmosphere. I can’t tell you how often I wished (and still do) that it was possible to keep books in a room with a pool below, the water making soothing little sounds and reflections on the ceiling.
    Another favourite is the lair of the White Draic’kin. Starting the game for the first time and seeing that completely trippy but absolutely beautiful landscape was enough to hook me, and to this day I’ll just sit looking at it before I actually start controlling April.

  3. I loved the Sentinel Enclave as well. Another place in Marcuria that I really liked was the Journeyman Inn.

  4. My favorite place in TLJ is White Dragon’s lair.
    So breathtaking,back in 2000 it appeared as apex of computer graphics to me!Such a atmospherical slap in the face!
    Till today view from lair is hanging on my wall-painted by my friend :D

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