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Ragnar Tornquist’s Dreamfall Chapters Tweets

November 16, 2012 in Dreamfall Chapters, Interviews, Links, Red Thread Games

Ever since Dreamfall Chapters was officially announced, Ragnar Tornquist has been busy tweeting back to the huge amount of fans that were overjoyed by the news.


With so many Questions being asked and Answered, Ragnar’s twitter account is starting to look like a really unstructured interview. There’s some interesting information to be found there, but only if you’re willing to spend some time looking for it.

For your convenience, I’ve made a list of Ragnar Tornquist’s most interesting tweets about Dreamfall Chapters. I’ll start with my top ten, also considering whether or not I had already read that information in an interview.

Ragnar Tornquist Top 10 Tweets

  1. Q: If you decide to do a Kickstarter to raise the rest, our wallets are willing. Also glad TSW still gets the Ragnar touch.
    A: We are definitely doing a Kickstarter, some time early next year!
  2. Q: Dreamfall: The Longest Journey and Dreamfall Chapters kind of sound like opposites. I imagine the sequel to be very short.
    A: It won’t be as short as it sounds. In fact, it will be quite unshort.
  3. Q: Have you picked an engine for DFC yet or will you be building your own?
    A: We have picked an engine and we won’t be doing our own!
  4. Q: In what timeframe can we expect to see our first glimpse of the game. Also, are the original voice actors coming back?
    A: Hopefully we’ll be able to give you a first glimpse early next year…and we’ll definitely bring some of our favourite actors back.
  5. Q: Do you think Dreamfall Chapters might be out by mid 2014 or you still have no idea?
    A: It will be out within two years.
  6. Q: I hope there will be no big cliffhanger ending to chapters! Will there be Irish people? You seem to love those accents!
    A: We will be tying up most of the loose threads and answering a lot of the questions. And yes, possibly some Irish accents!
  7. Q: Will Dreamfall Chapters be available on Steam or will you make me pirate them?
    A: Steam, GoG, wherever we can, whatever suits our players. Piracy ought be unnecessary. We will make Dreamfall Chapters available.
  8. Q: Dreamfall sequel news is awesomez. Is it going to be published by FunCom?
    A: No decisions have been made, and won’t be for a while. But we’re talking about it.
  9. Q: Will you go back to proper point and click like The Longest Journey?
    A: We’re still discussing game mechanics, but it will probably be direct control like Dreamfall — but better. Much better.
  10. Q: I cant wait for Dreamfall Chapters sounds awesome… any chance for another rubber duck key puzzle? Also Linux?
    A: We will definitely put a rubber ducky in there somewhere. And Linux is a possibility.

Other interesting Tweets

Q: Not sure if I prefer episodic (like Walking Dead) format or full game:)
A: We’re not planning on an episodic format. Dreamfall Chapters will be a full game…but not necessarily the final game in the saga.

Q: Would it help you at all if I buy TLJ and Dreamfall again? Or hold off for Kickstarter?
A: Both? :-D Red Thread Games doesn’t get any money from sales of TLJ/Dreamfall, so please contribute to the Kickstarter!

Q: I always been wanting to know what ever happened to Cortez from the first game,Who is that old lady April Ryan,Can’t Wait
A: All will be revealed, in time.

Q: I hope it will join the first two on GOGcom to complete the series complete
A: We definitely want to see Dreamfall Chapters on GOG. We’ll make it happen!

Q: Cant wait. Are you hiring? :)
A: Thank you! And yes, we will be hiring, but the team won’t be huge and we’re going to grow quite slowly.

Q: Just curious thinking: Do Arcadians still like the idea of crowdfunding?
A: They are REALLY into crowdfunding.

Q: No Console Love?
A: Maybe! But PC and Mac first. If/when we do a console version, we’ll want to do it right.

Q: Is it going to be episodic?
A: Nope, it will not be episodic.

Q: This makes me happy. End of story.
A: Thanks! And no, this is just the beginning of the story!

Q: Any chance you will be taking summer interns for the project?
A: We might. Feel free to send us an email!

Q: I know it’s early, but is there any chance of a return of Captain Nebevay? :D He was my favourite from the original :D
A: Nothing is impossible!

Q: Will you be limited at all doing this with an independent studio? Self-publishing?
A: Quite the contrary — we will have the freedom to make something truly unique and exciting.

Q: Are you also developing a new engine for it? Or going further on the one you did Dreamfall on?
A: Neither! We will talk more about the engine soon, I hope.

Q: I saw on eurogamer, that you aparently departed from Funcom..is that true?
A: Nope, I haven’t departed Funcom! I’m just juggling several balls; two companies and two projects. Funsies!

Q: I’d be a bit skeptical regarding a new studio taking over the rights to such a critical darling.
A: Red Thread may be a new studio, but we’re all of us experienced game developers, and I did head up both Dreamfall and TLJ!

Q: Please remove the stealth section of the upcoming game Dreamfall Chapters and I will love you forever.
A: We won’t have any stealth or combat sections like we did in Dreamfall Chapters. Expect a better adventure all around.

Q: Will the last scene from Dreamfall with “dreams storm” at Azadi Tower be explained in Chapters?
A: Yes.

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  1. Hey, I haven’t seen any of these, seeing as I don’t use my twitter account. Thanks for putting them all up here :)

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