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Interview with Ragnar Tornquist at Polygon.com

December 16, 2012 in Articles, Interviews

Ragnar Tornquist has supplied us with yet another great interview. This time you can read it at Polygon.com.

A few interesting quotes…

“In general, I wasn’t happy with the controls in Dreamfall. It felt clunky, particularly on the PC. That’s something we’re fixing. With Chapters, we’re doing something a lot more intuitive. The current prototype already feels a lot better. The first time I sat down to play it, I knew we were on the right path.”

“Our characters will grow and change through the game, and so will the player’s experience, as seen through the eyes of those characters. This will also, of course, affect the game mechanics. Each book will play and feel a bit different. Everyone grows, everyone changes.”

“It’s like starting your own band, writing your own songs. It’s punk. It’s rock & roll. It’s definitely something, something real.”

3 responses to Interview with Ragnar Tornquist at Polygon.com

  1. Interesting article! No revelations about Zoe or April being playable, which isn’t super-surprising.

  2. If anything, this gives me the idea that Zoë will be in the game, but not as a playable character.

    According to Tornquist, these characters will be joined by a number of familiar faces from the previous two games in the series, including Dreamfall protagonist Zoë who has changed drastically since the previous title.

    As to say “Zoë joins the three protagonists, and therefor is not one of them”.

    If that’s true, I’m Interested to see who the new female protagonist is :)

  3. Zoë is in the Dreaming, telling the story. ;) That’s my guess.

    And it’s like he read my mind. Or review. :P

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