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Ragnar Tørnquist interviewed on NRK

February 20, 2013 in Dreamfall Chapters, Interviews, Kickstarter, Media, Video

The beloved Dreamfall Chapters director Ragnar Tørnquist appeared on Norwegian television yesterday to talk about the Kickstarter. The broadcast is viewable online right here. Ragnar’s interview starts at about 10:00 and takes 4,5 minutes. There’s no real news in there, but it’s nice to see how the Kickstarter is being marketed to people who might not even know about Kickstarter.

Ragnar NRK interview

It’s all in Norwegian of course, so for all you people who don’t speak the language, user toremygg was kind enough to write a shortened translation:

TV person: After the Norwegian computer game Dreamfall was launched in 2006, fans have waited long for a sequel. Fans are now chipping in to make sure the game becomes a reality, by so far contributing $930k, making it the first crowdfunded Norwegian game. Ragnar Tørntvist (sic.), why should the fans pay for this game being made?
Ragnar Tørnquist: This is a new form of financing, making creative projects appeal directly to the users. We can show people that we have something worth investing in, and they can give us the money to make exactly what they want, and what we want to make.
TV: But don’t you have the money yourselves?
RT: No we don’t, we depend on this. We have some money from the NFI, but making a game is expensive, and we have a goal of bringing in more than $850k though Kickstarter, which we have now reached, and we’re approaching $1m.
TV: What is Kickstarter?
RT: A platform for creative projects. American, but used by people all over the world.
TV: you give people tasters and tell people to invest if it apeals to them
RT: Correct. It’s “beggin for money”, really, but in a way that is creative and participatory.
TV: You have already exceeded your initial request, what will you spend the rest of the money on?
RT: All the money goes into the game; the more money, the better the game. Our goals go beyond $850k, for instance at $1m we add more content to the game. And we have goals beyond that as well, all the time asking people to add a bit more money, to make the game a little bit better.
TV: But who is contributing this money?
RT: Over 15000 people all over the world. A mixture of old fans of the series and people who like supporting creative projects. We have contributions ranging from NOK 30 to NOK 50 000. Two people are at $10k at the moment, and that tells us that a lot of people out there want to support this kind of project.
TV: Here we see images from Dreamfall, the old -
RT: – this is actually the new game -
TV: What makes this game so special? Why are people willing to pay this kind of money to have you make this sequel?
RT: This is so-called Adventure game, on the PC, Mac and Linux platforms. It has an involving story with interesting, real characters. A world that the players have followed since TLJ in 1999 and followed the fate of these characters. What we have managed to do is make people care, a human and soulful story. That’s why we’re fortunate enough to have so many people chip in.
TV: I’ve also heard that some fall in love with the characters?
RT: That’s true. The main character of TLJ was April Ryan, and she is -
TV: Was that the girl we saw here?
RT: No, that was Zoë, actually, who was the main char of DF, and both these characters are favourites with gamer audiences and are often on lists of the most beloved characters in gaming history.
TV: What do the fans gain from putting this kind of money into the project? Apart from getting the game? Can they contribute to deciding what the game is like?
RT: No, they don’t have that opportunity, and many wouldn’t want to, because they want us to deliver a good story, a game they can look forward to, but what they can do is get their name in the game, they can get a character in the game that looks like them, and they can name characters, but just being part of the creating of this new game, that is important to many of them.
TV: Thank you for joining us, Ragnar Tørnvquist (sic.)

LIVE playthrough of Dreamfall

Can’t get enough of seeing Ragnar talk about Dreamfall related stuff? Watch this Friday’s LIVE playthrough of Dreamfall on TwitchTV. It’s going to start at 1800 CET / 1700 GMT / 12PM EST / 9AM PST and will take up to 12 hours! Before midday Friday (CET), they’ll post their TwitchTV channel.

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