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Fan art competition winners!

March 21, 2013 in Fan Contributions, Red Thread Games

The winners of the recent fan art competition have finally been announced! Congratulations to them all!

Click here to have a look at all the winners.

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Fan art competition nominees!

March 12, 2013 in Dreamfall, Fan Contributions, Media, Red Thread Games, The Games, The Longest Journey

The nominees for Red Thread Games‘ official fan art competition are now online! Because many of the submissions were just too good to choose from, Red Thread decided to put them in four categories and put it up to a vote.

So go over to the website and vote for your favorite pieces in each category! Here are some of my favorites:


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Dreamfall Chapters: A Romance

March 11, 2013 in Articles, Dreamfall Chapters, Kickstarter, The Games, Thirteen Chapters articles

February 8th, 2013 – The Dreamfall Chapters Kickstarter campaign launches. And boy, does it get a lot of attention. People have had their eyes on the sequel to Dreamfall for quite some time now. Especially since its official announcement on November 1st.

On the first day of the Kickstarter, the attraction is clearly present. The fans don’t beat around the bush. We pledge around $350,000 (more than a third of the original goal of $850,000). Oh yes, there’s definitely chemistry present…

Teasing Dreamfall Chapters

Along with the launch of the Kickstarter page comes the Kickstarter video. It begins its smooth seduction by remembering old memories; playing familiar music and whispering things to us like “señorita” and “you’re unlike anyone I’ve ever met”. Then it moves on to a vision of a gorgeous and familiar face looking up at a sky full of birds. The video makes us feel safe an comfortable. And we’re enjoying it immensely.


New music starts playing. It sounds fresh and hopeful. It makes promises without even uttering a word. And we’re loving it…

Great promises continue to be made throughout the video. We hear everything we want to hear. We’ll revisit old places and experience new ones along the way, as we travel the worlds together. The team at Red Thread Games is extremely excited about this prospect. And so are we. By The Balance, are we excited. We all really want to make this “more than just a beautiful dream”…

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The Evolution of Zoë Castillo

March 9, 2013 in Dreamfall Chapters, Media, Red Thread Games, The Games, Video

A lot of people have been saying that the Zoë model in the previous video’s and screenshots looks too different from how they remember the leading lady from Dreamfall. The team at Red Thread Games, especially art director Christer Sveen, hasn’t been ignoring these comments.

A video was just posted in which Christer shows the process of making Chapters Zoë look more like her original self. We’re still being told to keep in mind they’ll be tweaking the models more during the development of the game, but I have to say these changes already help quite a lot. Go and have a look for yourself!

YouTube Preview Image

Apostles, wallpapers and covers

In their most recent Kickstarter update, Red Thread also talked a little bit more about the recently announced second playable character Kian.

Kian’s role in Dreamfall Chapters will be significantly larger than it was in the previous game, and his part in the saga will soon become clear.
Red Thread Games

Also, they posted links to a new wallpaper called ‘Storytime’, gallery of Facebook and Google covers and – in case you missed it – the ‘Loremaster’ wallpaper. Get ‘em while they’re fresh and juicy!

TwitchTV live countdown broadcast

Don’t forget to tune in to Red Thread Games’ Twitch channel to join the countdown to the end of the Kickstarter!

We will be live from 0900 CET and onwards, and we’re bringing some special guests to the ‘studio’. Should be a fun time for all!
Red Thread Games

What do you guys reckon? Are we going to see (some) actor(s)? We’ll just have to wait and see for this mystery to unfold… ;)

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Last 24 hours for the Kickstarter

March 9, 2013 in Dreamfall Chapters, Kickstarter, The Games

We’re almost there, everyone. From the moment I’m writing this, it’ll only take about 24 hours before the Dreamfall Chapters Kickstarter ends. And what a ride it’s been. We’ve learned a lot about both the game and the people behind it. And, most importantly, we’ve made it possible for the game to even come out! But what’s amazing is that we’ve nearly achieved 8 stretch goals! Well done, everyone. Well done.

Kickstarter stretch goals

But we’re not there yet.The 8th stretch goal, The Director’s Cut, still needs about 150,000 to be achieved at this moment. With a little over 20,000 backers we have to be able to achieve that with little effort. If everyone of those 20,000 people pledges another $7 to $8, we’d be done. I’m not counting on literally everyone to do that though, so my advice is to up your pledges with a bit more than that. Personally, I’ve pledged another $60. Another thing to think about is to up your pledge a little now, keep watching the Kickstarter, and then up your pledge a bit more when the Kickstarter has a few hours left en still hasn’t gotten to the 1,5 million of The Director’s Cut stretch goal.

Not sure yet if you want to do that? Just look back at that wonderful trailer and the rest of the video’s (Kickstarter, prototype, introducing new players, Europolis Revealed, gameplay and 2nd playable character). And also watch this blooper video to see how much effort these guys put into all the videos. (beware of some F-words and light Dreamfall spoilers)

YouTube Preview Image

Throwing yourself in front of a camera isn’t always a picnic! But they did well and kept us up to date. I think they deserve a bit more talk-time by doing the commentary included in The Director’s Cut stretch goal.

Let’s go and help them with that!

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The Longest Silence

March 5, 2013 in Articles, Contests, Dreamfall Chapters, Interviews, Kickstarter, The Games

It’s been quite a while since my last update, and even more than quite a lot has happened. I’m not going to discuss everything in detail, but let’s start with a list of what happened:

And of course… the new trailer!

YouTube Preview Image

Let’s analyze this. Here are my thoughts:

  • At first I thought the voice we were hearing was Zoë‘s, but it resembles the White Dragon‘s voice much more. It’s more logical too, because the voice talks about Zoë in 3rd person.
  • The trailer starts on an image of some kind of vortex, which is later (1:55)  seen as part of the Storytime. This reminded me of the vortex April saw in the Dream Chamber. Could it be that it punched a hole in not only Arcadia and Stark, but also in the Storytime?
  • We can pretty much say with certainty that the vortex is new. It’s not far from the Vagabond‘s tree and the landscape was flat and quite calm in Dreamfall.
  • In the same shot (1:55) we can see some kind of dark creatures floating around the vortex. Is anyone else reminded of The Undreaming?
  • In the Marcuria shots, the tower looks a lot darker than it did in Dreamfall. This is probably connected to the events at the end of the game, just after the Dreamer was released in Stark.
  • Speaking about Stark, it seems like there’s some kind of oppression going on there too. Or is this just an isolated incident?
  • I always love the commercials and signs in Stark. Europolis (1:10): “Licence to Pill”! That’s punny :P
  • And.. oh yeah… Elgwan! Several! :D