Thirteen Chapters is a fan site about the The Longest Journey saga. This not only includes the two games The Longest Journey and Dreamfall, but also the upcoming third part in the series: Dreamfall Chapters.

The name Thirteen Chapters refers to the number of chapters that every game in the The Longest Journey saga consists of. Thirteen also is an important number is the saga’s mythology.

Fans from all over the world can come together here to find the latest news about Dreamfall Chapters and discuss their experiences with the The Longest Journey saga.

And every now and then there’s a contest, which will not only provide wonderful prizes for the winner or winners, but also provide entertainment for all participants!

Now for some history…

The Longest Journey

Before Dreamfall Chapters, before Dreamfall, there was The Longest Journey:

“Get ready for the adventure of a lifetime. The Longest Journey is more than a game – it’s more like a book, a movie and a game all rolled into one. Explore an interactive and beautifully created universe from the perspective of April Ryan, a young art student who soon discovers that there is more to her world than meets the eye.

The Longest Journey

With the power to pass between worlds like others pass from waking to sleep, April must embark on the longest journey of her life; a journey not only across twin worlds, but also into her very own heart and soul. Embark on a voyage across phenomenal worlds, encounter a fantastic cast of unforgettable characters, and unravel one of the most epic stories ever told.”

source: www.longestjourney.com

In The Beginning…

Raoul “RaMa” Matheron – a then 17 year old boy from The Netherlands – made a thread on the official The Longest Journey forums to announce his new fan site to the TLJ community. Since then, it has had several url’s and names (The Longest Journey static, The Longest Journey: Next Step), but the site has been remembered by most as it’s last incarnation: Black House.

Black House

Black House was the place to be for the latest news about the The Longest Journey‘s sequel – now known as Dreamfall: The Longest Journey. Not only that, but the site’s forum was a place to interact with fans from all over the world.

Closing Doors

After a long run, Black House went off the air in late 2007. Dreamfall had been released for nearly a year, and news had grown scarce. It had been a wonderful four years, but the time had come for the Black House to close its doors.

Dreamfall Chapters

Ragnar TørnquistOn September 1st 2012 it was announced that Ragnar Tørnquist, creator of the The Longest Journey saga, had founded his own studio called Red Thread Games and had started pre-production on Dreamfall Chapters, the sequel to Dreamfall.

The Balance between the twin worlds of Stark and Arcadia briefly shook as fans all over the world(s) rejoiced! One of those fans – the founder of the above mentioned Black House – decided it was time to begin anew. And so, Thirteen Chapters was born…