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The Longest Silence

March 5, 2013 in Articles, Contests, Dreamfall Chapters, Interviews, Kickstarter, The Games

It’s been quite a while since my last update, and even more than quite a lot has happened. I’m not going to discuss everything in detail, but let’s start with a list of what happened:

And of course… the new trailer!

YouTube Preview Image

Let’s analyze this. Here are my thoughts:

  • At first I thought the voice we were hearing was Zoë‘s, but it resembles the White Dragon‘s voice much more. It’s more logical too, because the voice talks about Zoë in 3rd person.
  • The trailer starts on an image of some kind of vortex, which is later (1:55)  seen as part of the Storytime. This reminded me of the vortex April saw in the Dream Chamber. Could it be that it punched a hole in not only Arcadia and Stark, but also in the Storytime?
  • We can pretty much say with certainty that the vortex is new. It’s not far from the Vagabond‘s tree and the landscape was flat and quite calm in Dreamfall.
  • In the same shot (1:55) we can see some kind of dark creatures floating around the vortex. Is anyone else reminded of The Undreaming?
  • In the Marcuria shots, the tower looks a lot darker than it did in Dreamfall. This is probably connected to the events at the end of the game, just after the Dreamer was released in Stark.
  • Speaking about Stark, it seems like there’s some kind of oppression going on there too. Or is this just an isolated incident?
  • I always love the commercials and signs in Stark. Europolis (1:10): “Licence to Pill”! That’s punny :P
  • And.. oh yeah… Elgwan! Several! :D
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Ragnar Tørnquist interviewed on NRK

February 20, 2013 in Dreamfall Chapters, Interviews, Kickstarter, Media, Video

The beloved Dreamfall Chapters director Ragnar Tørnquist appeared on Norwegian television yesterday to talk about the Kickstarter. The broadcast is viewable online right here. Ragnar’s interview starts at about 10:00 and takes 4,5 minutes. There’s no real news in there, but it’s nice to see how the Kickstarter is being marketed to people who might not even know about Kickstarter.

Ragnar NRK interview

It’s all in Norwegian of course, so for all you people who don’t speak the language, user toremygg was kind enough to write a shortened translation:

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Ragnar’s Reddit AMA roundup

February 11, 2013 in Dreamfall Chapters, Interviews, The Games

Yesterday, Ragnar Tørnquist was doing an AMA (Ask Me Anything) on Reddit. Here are the most interesting questions in my opinion. Starting with my three questions, because this is my site! ;)

RaMa’s Questions

Q: In the Kickstarter video I noticed you’re re-using some of the Marcuria levels from Dreamfall as a basis. Is the plan to eventually connect them and combine them into one giant explorable area? If so, how much fun is (or will that be) that to do?
A: Yes, that’s the plan. And it’s beyond awesome.

Q: The Longest Journey introduced us to Newport. Dreamfall showed us Casablanca. Both served as a home, a kind of starting point for the main characters. Will there be a new city like this in Chapters? One that’s tied to one of the playable characters?
A: Yes. We are introducing a brand new city connected to one of the main characters, and you will see the first of that very, very soon.

Q: One of Dreamfall’s best moments for me was the first conversation between Kian and April. It was very interesting to see in both of the character’s minds and to decide how they responded to each other. Especially because they came from such different backgrounds. More of that in Chapters, please? :)
A: That was a fun scene to do! And we will certainly be experimenting with different story-telling and dialogue mechanics in Chapters.

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Reddit AMA

February 10, 2013 in Dreamfall Chapters, Interviews, The Games

Ragnar Tørnquist will be doing an Reddit AMA (Ask Me Anything) at 20:00 CET (19:00 GMT, 11AM PST, 2PM EST), which is about 2,5 hours from the moment I’m writing this. So do you have a question (or questions) you want to get answered or dodged by a witty comment? Be sure to check out Ragnar’s Reddit profile around that time.

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Interview with Ragnar Tornquist at

December 16, 2012 in Articles, Interviews

Ragnar Tornquist has supplied us with yet another great interview. This time you can read it at

A few interesting quotes…

“In general, I wasn’t happy with the controls in Dreamfall. It felt clunky, particularly on the PC. That’s something we’re fixing. With Chapters, we’re doing something a lot more intuitive. The current prototype already feels a lot better. The first time I sat down to play it, I knew we were on the right path.”

“Our characters will grow and change through the game, and so will the player’s experience, as seen through the eyes of those characters. This will also, of course, affect the game mechanics. Each book will play and feel a bit different. Everyone grows, everyone changes.”

“It’s like starting your own band, writing your own songs. It’s punk. It’s rock & roll. It’s definitely something, something real.”

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by RaMa interview with Ragnar Tørnquist (translation)

November 28, 2012 in Articles, Interviews

The following is a translation of a interview with Ragnar Tørnquist on 21 November, 2012.
It was translated from Norwegian to English by Crow’s Fan.

We’re among the best at creating stories in games

“The Longest Journey” continues.

Lasse Lervik, 21-Nov-2012 18:36

Oslo ( Ragnar Tørnquist is the closest thing we get to a celebrity in the norwegian games business. Not because of the work he did for the game “Casper” in the mid-90′s, although that was where he started his career of 18 years, but as the boss for some of the greatest game projects in Norways history. “The Longest Journey”, “Dreamfall” and recently “The Secret World” for example.

Now he’s started to break off the ties of the behemoth in Skøyen to go back to his roots as an adventure game creator. “Dreamfall Chapters” is finally going to be realized.

«Funcom owns the “The Longest Journey” and “Dreamfall” universe. What we’ve done is get the rights to make games and other stories in this universe.

In return, Funcom gets a certain percentage of what we earn from the game. It’s a great deal, which allows us to focus on making the game we want to make. Then Funcom gets the benefits of profiting from us when we make a good game, hopefully,» Tørnquist tells

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Ragnar Tornquist’s Dreamfall Chapters Tweets

November 16, 2012 in Dreamfall Chapters, Interviews, Links, Red Thread Games

Ever since Dreamfall Chapters was officially announced, Ragnar Tornquist has been busy tweeting back to the huge amount of fans that were overjoyed by the news.


With so many Questions being asked and Answered, Ragnar’s twitter account is starting to look like a really unstructured interview. There’s some interesting information to be found there, but only if you’re willing to spend some time looking for it.

For your convenience, I’ve made a list of Ragnar Tornquist’s most interesting tweets about Dreamfall Chapters. I’ll start with my top ten, also considering whether or not I had already read that information in an interview.

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The First Interviews

November 12, 2012 in Dreamfall Chapters, Interviews

Here are the first three interviews I know of at this moment:

Rock Paper Shotgun – Ragnar Tørnquist
Alternative Magazine Online – Ellie Conrad Leigh (Zoë)
Eurogamer – Ragnar Tørnquist

Ragnar mentioned they’ll be talking more about Dreamfall Chapters in the next couple of weeks, so keep checking back!