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Thirteen Chapters on Facebook

November 18, 2012 in Links, The Site

Thirteen Chapters is a very modern site, so it’s also on Facebook!

Supporting on Facebook

Be sure to like the Facebook page and share the news with your friends. Also, if you like a specific post; don’t hesitate to do the same! There are some handy buttons for that below every post and page. It will help Thirteen Chapters to be found by more people :)

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Request Dreamfall Chapters on

November 16, 2012 in Dreamfall Chapters, Links is an online service that offers you a lot of games to buy and download. The Longest Journey and Dreamfall are already on it, and Ragnar Tornquist recently mentioned in one of his Tweets that “We definitely want to see Dreamfall Chapters on GOG. We’ll make it happen!”.


So the intention is there from one side, but what about’s side? Here’s where you can help! Go over to (sign up for free if you haven’t already), and add Dreamfall Chapters to you Wishlist.

Yes, it’s very early. The number of votes aren’t huge yet, but we’ve still got a good while to go until the game is shipped. If we’ll start voting and getting the word out from now until then, GOG will surely reserve a spot for our beloved sequel :)

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Ragnar Tornquist’s Dreamfall Chapters Tweets

November 16, 2012 in Dreamfall Chapters, Interviews, Links, Red Thread Games

Ever since Dreamfall Chapters was officially announced, Ragnar Tornquist has been busy tweeting back to the huge amount of fans that were overjoyed by the news.


With so many Questions being asked and Answered, Ragnar’s twitter account is starting to look like a really unstructured interview. There’s some interesting information to be found there, but only if you’re willing to spend some time looking for it.

For your convenience, I’ve made a list of Ragnar Tornquist’s most interesting tweets about Dreamfall Chapters. I’ll start with my top ten, also considering whether or not I had already read that information in an interview.

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