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Sarah Hamilton / April is back!

February 13, 2013 in Dreamfall Chapters, Kickstarter, Media, Screenshots, The Cast, The Games

In Update #5 on Dreamfall Chapters’ Kickstarter page, Red Thread Games announced that Sarah Hamilton, the voice of April Ryan will definitely be back again!


What this exactly means for April is still up for debate, but Red Thread is “sure fans of April Ryan will start speculating right about…NOW.” So, ladies and gentlemen, give a warm welcome back to Sarah Hamilton and let’s get those speculations going!

Screenshots and Concept Art

In yesterday’s Kickstarter update, Red Thread released a gorgeous new screenshot of Riverwood, a forest in the Northlands and home to a tribe of Banda.

Does this mean we’re going to see those ‘little ones’ once again? Or will we finally get to visit the Venar in their Ring of Trees? We might find out soon. “We’ll be seeing much more of Riverwood in an upcoming video”, Red Thread states.

Also, be sure to check out the galleries of the rest of the released screenshots and concept art.

Kickstarter stretch goals at 90%

And lastly, we’re currently at about 84% of the $850,000 goal! Ragnar Tørnquist tweeted the following about it:

“We’ll announce our stretch goals as soon as we hit 90% funded! Won’t be too long :-)”
Ragnar Tørnquist

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Dreamfall Chapters Kickstarter online!

February 8, 2013 in Concept Art, Dreamfall Chapters, Kickstarter, Media, Red Thread Games, Screenshots, The Games

Well, the Long Journey towards the release of Dreamfall Chapters has finally truly started. The Kickstarter is now online and everyone can start donating/pledging right now! The end goal is $850,000, more than a tenth of which has already been pledged during the past 3 to 4 hours ($137,976 and counting at the moment I’m writing this).

Watch the video to see some of the first impressions of the game, see some concept art, and hear those passionate Norwegians talk about their… well, uhm… passion for working on this game.

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Red Thread Games is alive!

January 25, 2013 in Dreamfall Chapters, Media, Red Thread Games, Screenshots, The Games

For any of you who haven’t been refreshing every single second this past day, let me tell you now that the site is alive and well!

Be sure to check this post for a tasty ‘work-in-progress screenshot’, along with three statements about Dreamfall Chapters. Also, if you’re able to make it to Oslo on February 7th, be sure to take part in the Twitter competition to win an invitation to the Kickstarter party!

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Let It Snow In Marcuria

December 19, 2012 in Dreamfall, Dreamfall Chapters, Media, Screenshots, The Games, The Longest Journey

Ragnar Tornquist posted a picture of a very early Dreamfall Chapters version of what looks like Marcuria. It looks like winter is still present in the jewel of the Northlands. Let it snow!

Dreamfall Chapters is alive

And then there’s also this:

Dreamfall Chapters

There isn’t all that much to see, but it’s still nice to see that the team is hard at work in their new environment.
Go team! You can do it!

The Longest Journey and Dreamfall playthroughs

In other news, GameSpot US staff members Kevin VanOrd and Tom McShea recently did a live stream on Twitch of themselves playing The Longest Journey. Later, when they started playing Dreamfall, Tom McShea was replaced by Carolyn Petit. Each of the sessions took about 2 hours.
You can watch it right here if you have the time.

Kevin mentioned that The Longest Journey is his favorite game ever created. Tom was still new to it. Maybe that was partly the cause of the (in my opinion) awkward silences and unrelated viewer questions/comments.

After about 30 minutes though, they both warmed up to playing the game together and talking about it. There was even someone commenting who claimed to be Ragnar Tornquist himself. I won’t say if that’s true or not, but I think this tweet says it all.

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Places of The Longest Journey

November 18, 2012 in Articles, Screenshots, The Longest Journey, Thirteen Chapters articles

Maybe with the exception of most Wii games and those like it, playing computer games isn’t really a physically challenging activity. You’re mainly just sitting on a chair or couch, pushing buttons and moving a mouse with your hand or some analog sticks with your thumbs.


But the interesting thing is: even while remaining at one spot, you’re exploring a lot of different (and hopefully interesting) places. The Longest Journey was one of those games that gave me that great feeling of exploration. It gave me both places of science, and those of magic to travel to and discover.

For the few of you who haven’t yet played The Longest Journey: spoilers ahead!

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