Prepare to take a musical Journey through the worlds of Stark and Arcadia by downloading The Longest Journey OST! Click on the image above to download.

Also, consider taking a look at our article about the music in The Longest Journey here.



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  1. You need to make a button for this under the media category, it isn’t there.

  2. This release has 37 tracks, while the GOG soundtrack only had 36. The last track, “April Dub”, is missing from the other version. I wonder why!

  3. Oh, I remember the April Dub from the book of secrets that becomes available after you finish the game. From what I remember, it’s just a mashed-up mix of different lines that April says during the game.

  4. This song was exclusively on the CD version of the release, check it out!

  5. Whoa. I never knew about this track. Cool!!

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