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TwitchTV broadcast and new Wonkers USB tier

February 21, 2013 in Dreamfall, Dreamfall Chapters, Kickstarter, Media, Red Thread Games, The Games, Video

In today’s Mini-update, Red Thread Games announced a new pledging tier for the Kickstarter campaign. The tier is set at $200 and will give you all the digital downloadable goodies from the $150 Digital Dreamer Edition on one very cute Wonkers USB stick! For more details, read the update here.

TwitchTV LIVE broadcast on Friday

As was announced earlier, Ragnar Tørnquist, Dag Scheve and Martin Bruusgard will do a live playthrough of Dreamfall this Friday.

The live broadcast begins this Friday at 1800 CET / 1700 GMT / 12PM EST / 9AM PST and will continue until either a) we’ve completed Dreamfall, or b) everyone’s asleep or passed out from exhaustion. The devs are prepared to go the distance, so make sure you have enough coffee, cola, snacks and comfy chairs!
Red Thread Games

The whole thing will be recorded, so you can watch what you missed when ever you want. There will be the opportunity to ask questions and interact with the developers during the live broadcast though, so be sure to join in on the fun!

Visit http://www.twitch.tv/redthreadgames

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Ragnar Tørnquist interviewed on NRK

February 20, 2013 in Dreamfall Chapters, Interviews, Kickstarter, Media, Video

The beloved Dreamfall Chapters director Ragnar Tørnquist appeared on Norwegian television yesterday to talk about the Kickstarter. The broadcast is viewable online right here. Ragnar’s interview starts at about 10:00 and takes 4,5 minutes. There’s no real news in there, but it’s nice to see how the Kickstarter is being marketed to people who might not even know about Kickstarter.

Ragnar NRK interview

It’s all in Norwegian of course, so for all you people who don’t speak the language, user toremygg was kind enough to write a shortened translation:

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The next five stretch goals

February 20, 2013 in Dreamfall Chapters, Kickstarter

Be prepared for some reading and collecting, because The Loremaster stretch goal has been reached! In celebration, the people at Red Thread Games released some info about the next five stretch goals that are ahead of us.

New stretch goals

Along with a more detailed description of the upcoming $1,000,000 goal (A Longer Journey), Red Thread announced four new ones. This leaves only the 1,500,000 goal to be revealed.

Some comments about the new stretch goals. Read them first, if you haven’t already:

$1,05 million: “Mystery is important, senorita”
Very, very mysterious… I especially like the fact that it will become part of the game’s front-end.

$1,1 million: Storytime
Interesting for both new and old players. If it can be downloaded separately from the game, it’ll probably help with getting new players interested in buying Chapters.

$1,15 million: A Richer World
This basically brings more and better art into the game, both graphically and musically. Who wouldn’t want that? Plus there’s the addition of the best of the fan art, and the involvement of an established artist! I wonder who it will be? Personally, I’d like to see Imogen Heap lend her talents. Do you have someone in mind you’d like to see/hear in Dreamfall Chapters? Leave a comment below.

$1,25 million: The Spoken Word
More accessibility for French and German people = even less reasons for them not to buy and enjoy the game!
Oh, and they mentioned bringing back original cast members. Louis Aguirre as Cortez, anyone? Let’s cross our fingers!

Upping your pledge

Pretty cool stretch goals, huh? Do you want to see them get achieved? Consider upping your pledge a little. Even $10 would help. Let’s keep that meter moving up, people! :)

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The Library and the PayPal

February 18, 2013 in Dreamfall, Dreamfall Chapters, Kickstarter, Media, Video

With a little over $25,000 to go until the Dreamfall Chapters Kickstarter reaches its second stretch goal, the people at Red Thread Games aren’t sitting still. They bestowed another Kickstarter update upon us and announced that they’ll now accept pledges via PayPal.

Pledging via PayPal

Can’t pay through Kickstarter, but still want to contribute and get some nice rewards? Now you have the option to use PayPal! Visit the Dreamfall Chapters page on the Red Thread Games website to look at the different tiers and pay via PayPal. Everything pledge via PayPal will count towards the stretch goals:

PayPal will count towards stretch goals! We will provide regular updates on progress!
Red Thread Games

The PayPal page also includes an embedded YouTube video. It’s an HD version of the Kickstarter video, and it has a spoiler warning at the beginning. What would maybe help is to click here and watch it, like it and maybe favorite it so it’ll get noticed on YouTube. Spread the word, people! :)

The Great Library of Marcuria

The 11th Kickstarter update also contains more details about the Loremaster stretch goal, along with this cute drawing of a certain Bird recklessly disrespecting an ancient tome. Click here or on the Bird to go to the update page and find out more about what happened to the Great Library of Marcuria after the end of The Longest Journey.

Live Dreamfall playthrough on Twitch.tv

And lastly, a new video (also available on YouTube!) was included in the update, in which Ragnar Tørnquist, Martin Bruusgaard and Dag Scheve talk about introducing new players to the universe of The Longest Journey and Dreamfall.

At the end, they announced that they’re going to do a live playthrough of Dreamfall this Friday. I love director’s commentaries on DVD’s, and I suspect this will have some similar qualities, so this is something I’m looking forward to. More details will follow soon!

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We’re back! And… stretch goal achieved!

February 18, 2013 in Dreamfall Chapters, Kickstarter, The Games, The Site

So… Thirteen Chapters was mentioned in Update #10 on the Dreamfall Chapters Kickstarter page. And it took us right out! But the site’s back up again now, as you might be able to tell. Hopefully the adjustments I’ve made will keep it online. However, if the load gets too heavy again, I think I’ll just have to upgrade my hosting package.

I was very happy to be mentioned in the update though. Thanks, Red Thread! :)

Kickstarter stretch goal #1

In other news: Mac and Linux rejoice! The first stretch goal of $900,000 has been achieved, which means that Dreamfall Chapters will be released for your systems as well!

Next stretch goal: The Loremaster

The next stretch goal (The Loremaster) will be at $950,000.

Not only will our players be able to dig into all the rich lore of The Longest Journey universe, but the characters in the game will be instrumental in rebuilding the Great Library of Marcuria — a grand city in the magical world of Arcadia. The library was recently destroyed, its contents scattered to the winds. By bringing books and documents back to the library, it will become both a repository of lore, as well as a measurement of how much players have explored and unearthed in the game.
Red Thread Games

That’s just $4 more per pledger. Shouldn’t be too hard, should it?

The One Million: A Longer Journey

The goal I’d really like to see be achieved this week is ‘A Longer Journey’ at $1000,000. It’s a good amount of bucks away, but I’m positive it’s doable. Not convinced it’ll be worth it? Read more about the stretch goal in Update #10 and discover the true nature of the supposed ‘ruthless’ Assassili – more respectfully called Manggoy - one of the magical races of Arcadia.

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Dreamfall Chapters wallpaper

February 17, 2013 in Dreamfall Chapters, Media, Wallpapers

I got my hands on a high resolution version of the main image used in the Kickstarter, so I made several differently sized Dreamfall Chapters wallpapers. You can get them right here!


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February 16, 2013 in Dreamfall Chapters, Kickstarter, Media, Red Thread Games, The Games, Video

That’s it! There’s no turning back now. Dreamfall Chapters will now definitely be made. Just a few minutes ago the Kickstarter reached its initial goal of $850,00 with still 21 days to go. Red Thread Games posted a thank you video, featuring Dag Scheve, Ragnar Tørnquist and Martin Bruusgard, which you can view here.

Congratulations to all the fans, and most of all the wonderful people at Red Thread Games! And here’s to a wonderful continuation of the Kickstarter (see the image below). Let’s make a sprint to that first million, everyone! :)

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Kickstarter stretch goals announced

February 15, 2013 in Dreamfall Chapters, Kickstarter, The Games

As promised, Red Thread Games announced the first stretch goals for their Kickstarter campaign. The first one, which will give us Linux and Mac versions, had already been hinted at by Ragnar Tørnquist yesterday.

Here’s the complete list:

  • $900,000 – Apples & Penguins: Mac and Linux versions of Dreamfall Chapters. Pledgers will be able to choose which version of the game they want to download, and to receive on DVD and/or memory stick
  • $950,000 – The Loremaster, which includes the Great Library of Marcuria (rebuilt in secrecy, of course), a fully-voiced librarian character, and tons of books, documents, ancient parchments and tomes of lore in-game for players to read, explore and dig into!
  • $1,000,000 – A Longer Journey, which allows us to create new locations, characters and side stories, adding great depth to the world, additional gameplay and new dialogue, lore, magical creatures…and some cool surprises! Check back later for more information about this stretch goal!

I love The Loremaster stretch goal. The Sentinel Enclave was one of my favorite places to visit. Sadly enough, the lovely and quirky Minstrum Yerin probably won’t be there to look up books for us, since his voice Peter Fernandez passed away in July 2010. Maybe he passed on his passion for books to a young and eager Instrum?

The Longest Stretch Goal

But that’s not all! Once the first stretch goal has been reached, additional one will be announced. There seem to be 7 more in the pipeline, the last of which is called The Longest Journey Home. In Ragnar’s Reddit AMA from a few days ago, he used the acronym TLJH in his answer to a question about 2D adventure games:

Q: How is making a 2D adventure game different from making a 3D one? What are the unique challenges? What assumptions were you forced to re-evaluate?
A: Very, very different. 2D is easier, in a lot of ways. I’d like to go back to 2D again. We have had discussions. There are ideas. TLJH.

So TLJH will most likely be a 2D adventure game. How long or large it will be, and what it will be about, is still up for speculation. The exclusion of the name ‘Dreamfall’ seems to indicate that it would have something to do with April‘s story more than Zoë‘s. A popular theory seems that it might be about April’s time between the end of The Longest Journey and the beginning of Dreamfall.

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Prototype video and Watilla goodness!

February 15, 2013 in Dreamfall Chapters, Media, The Games, Video

Step right up and get your early prototype video right here!

Keep in mind that this is still very early prototype footage, and as such does not reflect the final quality of the art, animations, frame-rate or UI. Zoë is a placeholder model still dressed in her old Dreamfall clothes, and the geography, trees, buildings and assets are also temporary, and will change a lot in the months ahead.

(Riverwood is, after all, a magical, fairy-tale forest, and right now it’s not looking particularly magical or fairy-taley, but this will change.)
Red Thread Games

Prototype video

In the video, we get to see how the user interface will work. It’ll be a real hybrid between ’3rd person control’ and ‘point and click’. It looks very much like what I was expecting, to be honest. And that’s a very good thing. I think this will really let the player control their character much more intuitively than in Dreamfall.

To give us an even better look, a high resolution version of the video was uploaded to YouTube. Like and favorite the video to put some attention on it!

YouTube Preview Image

What’s that Wonkers got his hands on now?

Since my last post, the Kickstarter reached its 90% goal faster than I expected. Ragnar Tørnquist had promised to announce the stretch goals once this goal had been reached. Plans have changed slightly though. In order to spread out the updates and have enough for the remaining 23 days of the Kickstarter, the people at Red Thread Games have decided to postpone announcing the stretch goals for about half a day. Ragnar was kind enough to post a little teaser on his twitter though:

Seems like good news for Linux, Apple and Watilla users alike!

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New Dreamfall Chapters video and screenshots

February 14, 2013 in Dreamfall Chapters, Kickstarter, Media, The Games, Video

The day isn’t over yet (at least here in Europe), but it doesn’t look like we’re going to make the 90% ($765,000) mark today. As Ragnar Tørnquist stated yesterday, Red Thread Games is going to announce the stretch goals for the Kickstarter once 90% of the end goal has been pledged. It’s a good thing there’s always tomorrow!

Update #6

The Kickstarter also hasn’t seen a new update yet today. It’s well under way though. Ragnar tweeted about a new Dreamfall Chapters video update, in which Martin Bruusgard and Quintin Pan will present a first look at the Dreamfall Chapters prototype.

Looking forward to releasing our very first #DreamfallChapters gameplay footage tonight! Early days and prototype only but still awesome :-)
Ragnar Tørnquist

This early prototype video will give you an idea of the direction we’re going in with the user interface.
Ragnar Tørnquist

A few minutes ago, Ragnar tweeted that the video should be ready for upload in a couple of hours. So keep hitting that refresh button, everyone!

More Screenshots

Getting tired of repeatedly hitting that refresh button already? You might find some distraction in looking at these two new exclusive screenshots on Eurogamer.